A1 Alarm Services acquired by F.E. Moran Alarms in Graybeards Deal


A-1 Alarm Services acquired by F. E. Moran Alarms & Monitoring in Graybeards deal

Long Grove IL, November 4, 2009 — Davis Marketing Group (AKA Graybeards) is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client, A-1 Alarm Services in Champaign, IL by F.E. Moran Alarms & Monitoring Services, also located  in Champaign.  Brett Bean, president of  F.E. Moran, emphasized, “This, our most recent acquisition, will solidify our base of operations in Central Illinois.”
Diane Ruedi, president of A-1 for the past five years, took over the company after her father’s death.  He had started the business in 1968 and was extremely proud to call it a “family owned and managed company. ”A-1 Alarm Services is a traditional security company, offering residential and commercial burglar and fire alarm systems, as well as monitoring at its own central station.
Ms. Ruedi explained that her father had created the central station because he wanted to assure his customers that local officials would arrive on the scene as quickly as possible.  With its acquisition by F.E. Moran, A-1’s customers will be absorbed into its parent company’s state-of-the-art central station and will continue to receive the same high quality, personal service they have enjoyed and appreciated in the past.
Mr. Bean also stated, “We are extremely pleased to welcome A-1‘s clients into the Moran family of satisfied customers.”  Ms. Ruedi will join the company in a top management position. Katie Bally, partner of Davis Marketing Group, represented A-1 in the transaction.


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