A1 Alarm Services and FE Moran toast acquisition in Champaign


A1 Alarm Services, FE Moran toast aquisition in Champaign

A1 AlarmLong Grove IL, December 1, 2009 — Davis Marketing Group (AKA Graybeards) is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client, A1 Alarm Service in Champaign, IL by FE Moran Alarm & Monitoring Services, also located in Champaign.  A1 Alarm had served the community for over forty years, providing residential and commercial burglar and fire alarm systems, as well as its own central station.
Diane Ruedi, President, stated the sale made sense for several reasons.  “Together, we are uniquely positioned to provide businesses and residents with the most comprehensive set of security and life safety solutions available.  FE Moran Alarm & Monitoring is one of the fastest growing independent alarm companies in the United States.  Especially exciting is the company is headquartered in a new, state of the art facility, in Champaign, IL.  FE Moran shares the mission, vision, and values of the heritage of A1 Alarm Service.  There could be no better partner for either one of our companies, our subscribers, or our employees.  We are still local, can offer a broader, deeper range of services, and FE Moran Alarm & Monitoring has a commitment to innovation, ensuring next-generation technology solutions!”
Brett Bean, President, of FE Moran Alarm & Monitoring Services, stated “One of the best parts of this transaction is gaining the extreme amount of workforce talent … A1 Alarm has many experienced employees with a great amount of industry knowledge.”
FE Moran Alarm & Monitoring, recently ranked as the 57th largest alarm company in the nation, is a financially strong company with a long term strategy for growth, ensuring excellent customer service and product availability.  In addition, FE Moran Alarm & Monitoring offers a broad range of products to meet business and residential needs which include video monitoring, radio alarm transmission, card access, biometrics, etc.  FE Moran has locations in Illinois, Michigan, and Georgia and provides monitoring services for subscribers throughout the United States.


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