Katie Maahs-Bally Joins Davis Group

Katie Maahs-Bally Joins DMG

Katie BallyLong Grove, IL, September 10,2003. In a recent move to expand Davis Marketing Group’s acquisition and merger activity, Ron Davis, managing partner, announced the addition of Katie Maahs-Bally as an associate of the company. Maahs-Bally background has been as President of North Shore Security, a company that was recently acquired by Alarm Detection Systems of Illinois, one of that company’s major acquisitions. DMG acted as the consultant for that transaction. Katie has worked with Ron in numerous capacities for the last 25 years, most recently as SAI’s convention and meeting planning coordinator.
Davis, when asked about the addition of Katie to the organization, said “Katie brings a wealth of practical experience to DMG, and while she technically doesn’t qualify as a “Graybeard”, she certainly knows what
it’s like to build the business, prepare it for sale, and then actually go through the selling process. In fact, she is uniquely qualified to help alarm dealers through this process.
In addition to being a certified meeting planner, Katie Maahs-Bally will represent Davis Marketing Group at industry events as a speaker and consultant in the area of acquisition and mergers.
Maahs-Bally said of her recent DMG affiliation: “I am thrilled to once again join forces with Ron Davis and his associates at DMG’s Graybeards’ Group. They are among the most knowledgeable in the industry and certainly the most respected. I will be bringing a level of practical experience to that group, fully understanding what it is like to be ‘in the field. I look forward to helping many dealers in the future.”

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