Reason 10: You’re just getting tired of the grind

Reason 10 why NOW may be the best time to sell your company

You’re just getting tired of the grind
It’s just not much fun anymore. There’s never quite enough free cash to make the investments that you know need to be made. Just when you get a really good employee fully trained and productive, he leaves to go work for a competitor. Your best salesman and technician just quit last week and are opening a competing business across town. This morning, your primary supplier called to let you know that you’re over your credit limit and they can’t release your order until you bring your balance down. Those are the parts you need for the big job that starts today, for that big new account that you really wanted to impress. Your lead technician just called to inform you that the electricians union won’t let your guys onto a jobsite and your attorney sent you a note that your employee policy manual is out of date and needs to be updated at a cost of $5000. A customer who stayed home from work today is upset that the service technician just blew off a service appointment without even calling to reschedule. You just discovered that the sales manager has an alcohol problem and just smashed up his company car.
It can seem like a never ending struggle. It may have been fun once, but is it really still what you look forward to every day? Perhaps it’s time to move on. (The author experienced all of these things first hand).