Reason 4 The future is unpredictable

Reason 4 why NOW may be the best time to sell
your company

The future is unpredictable
We’ve seen too many cases of unplanned sales due to unexpected events. Serious health issues affecting the principal or a close family member are by far the most common. Can your company continue to operate without your full-time involvement? What about the loss of a key employee or several? We’ve also seen serious financial problems due to internal theft or embezzlement by a trusted employee.
Perhaps your local government will provide monitoring. Back in the “old days” of direct wire monitoring, before digital communicators, many local police agencies provided monitoring in their dispatch centers. Back then the charges were minimal, but in government’s never-ending quest for revenue, many municipalities might see alarm monitoring revenue as a potential pot of gold.
Or, maybe the Cable TV provider or your local phone company will try again to provide alarm monitoring “bundled” into their overall communications service. They tried it years ago and were unsuccessful, but the communications industry has changed dramatically in recent years and so has their business model.
The digital communicator revolutionized the alarm business for the good; will the digital & internet revolution be as beneficial? Look at the digital photography revolution and what it did to Polaroid and Kodak. Aren’t you glad you’re not selling camera film or processing?
You know what your company is worth right now but there’s no way to know what the value will be in the future. We believe now is the time to act.