Steve Berniklau joins Davis Group

Steve Berniklau joins DMG — ok, he’s not quite a “graybeard!”

Steve BerniklauLong Grove, IL June 9, 2008 —DMG and its “Graybeards” has added Steve Berniklau to the group.  While not technically a Graybeard (he’s still in his 40’s) he sure thinks an awful lot like a visionary.  He’s been in the industry for over 28 years, and has helped his business grow to over 11,000 installs and nearly 3,100 accounts.  Early on in his career, Steve attended a Ron Davis training seminar on how to build a successful security company, and his life was changed forever.  Ron and Steve developed a close friendship and over the years a business relationship began.
Steve has added 14 acquisitions to his company over the years, and was looking for the next “mountain to climb” when Ron approached him about the opportunity of working with DMG.  Steve has already begun the process of transitioning out of day to day management of his company, and will shortly be involved in DMG activities full time.  Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, Steve will look out for DMG’s interests throughout the southwest, and will work with other DMG “Graybeards” in other areas of the country.
When asked to comment on the addition of Steve Berniklau to the team, Ron Davis, Managing Partner, had this to say: “I have known Steve and his father for over 25 years, and both his dad, Vic, and I have watched Steve grow into the level headed business executive he is today.  I look at Steve, and think of myself, just getting started in the industry.  He is a great speaker, a knowledgeable business executive, and knows what its like to meet a payroll year in and year out in the security/alarm industry.  The addition of Steve to the DMG team adds a whole new depth to the company, and as one older, outside observer commented “Steve brings the DMG average age down to mid-sixties!”


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