Alarm Capital Alliance and Atwood Corp of West Springfield Form Financial Alliance

Alarm Capital Alliance and Atwood Corporation of West Springfield Form Financial Alliance

August 11, 2004, Long Grove, IL — Ron Davis, Managing Partner of Davis Marketing Group, was pleased to announce the completion of a third transaction — in as many weeks — facilitated by Davis Marketing Group. In this transaction, Alarm Capital Alliance of Woodlyn, PA, acquired the financial rights to the account base of Atwood Corporation of West Springfield, MA. In a transaction involving approximately 700 accounts, Atwood will continue to remain in business as before, managed by its President, Glenn Grabowski. Started over 30 years ago, Atwood has long been a well recognized name in western Massachusetts and the account acquisition by ACA represents a further penetration of accounts in the northeast. Representing ACA in the transaction was John Steffanato Sr., Executive Vice President. Representing Atwood, was its President and CEO, Glenn Grabowski, a veteran of the alarm industry.
Commenting on the transaction, Mr. Grabowski said “Even though nothing will change with our operating platform, customers and staff, it’s good to know that we have a strong financial partner that can help us weather the changes going on in the security industry.”
The transaction, handled by Ron Davis, Managing Partner of Davis Marketing Group, is the first one involving Alarm Capital Alliance. Of the transaction, Davis said “This is a quality company, with quality people. A substantial portion of our client base is looking for the type of transaction offered by ACA.

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Ron and Atwood Security President, Glenn Grabowski
shake on deal that sent financial rights to Atwood Security’s account base to Alarm Capital Alliance.
Capital Alliance
Ron Davis, Atwood President Glenn Grabowski and John
Steffanato, Sr., Executive Vice President of Alarm Capital