Davis’ “Voices from the Past” Delights Execs at NAMTSE Conference

Ron Davis’ “Voices from the Past” Delights Execs at NAMTSE Conference

Memphis, TN, April 17, 2004 — Ron Davis, Managing Partner of Davis Marketing Group,
aka The Graybeards, has introduced his exciting
new presentation, “The Industry’s Greatest Thinkers and Their
Greatest Ideas!” Capturing highlights of nearly 20
years of audio tape interviews and live conference recordings, Davis
highlighted over 20 vignettes representing some of the thinking and ideas
that many industry leaders used to shape today’s alarm industry.


The presentation was premiered by Davis at the
annual meeting of the North American Monitoring Technology Symposium and Exhibition (NAMTSE) on April 17.
“This really is an audio history of the alarm industry, and I had a ball putting it together. We must have spent over 100 hours listening through audio tapes, editing the information and packing it all into a one hour PowerPoint™ presentation. The highlight of all this
was being able to keynote the NAMTSE Conference in Memphis.”
Over the last 25 years, Davis has interviewed hundreds of the industry’s most innovative and exciting leaders. His signature question in all of these interviews was: “If you had JUST ONE REALLY GREAT IDEA to share with the alarm industry, what would it be?”
That question was answered by hundreds of industry thinkers, such as Peder Kolind, the founder of Brinks; Leo Guthart, Vice Chairman of Pittway Corporation; Stan Lott, former President of CSAA; all of the publishers of the industry’s magazines; and the first Executive Director of NBFAA, Garis Distelhorst.
In this delightful and informative presentation, Ron brings back the voices of some of our industry’s greatest thinkers, along with a commentary on what those ideas have meant in the evolution of the industry, as well as the meanings they hold for today’s alarm industry innovators.
Davis, an active consultant and business broker in the alarm industry, has said his talk is avalable for industry conferences in the future. He intends to update it frequently. With a library of over 100 audio cassette tapes and conference recordings, he is well equipped to continue bringing “voices from the past” to the industry today.

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