Industry Spokesman’s Speech Features 20 Years of Industy’s Greatest Ideas!

Industry Spokesman Develops a New Speech Featuring Twenty Years of the Industy’s Greatest Ideas!

Ron Davis, Managing Partner of Davis Marketing Group and a frequent keynote speaker at various industry events, has developed a new presentation, featuring some of the industry’s GREATEST THINKERS and their GREATEST IDEAS. Over the last twenty years, Ron, who also
published the industry’s only audio magazine, AUDIO INSIGHT, has interviewed hundreds of industry movers, shakers and thinkers.
At the end of each interview, Ron asked his signature question: “If you had just one really great idea that you could share with the industry, what would it be?” That question, presented to people who have had a dramatic impact on the industry, has elicited some truly interesting, as well as surprising responses.
Incorporated into a forty five minute presentation, Ron’s talk highlights the “great ideas” of such industry notables as Peder Kolind, founder of Brinks (and the low priced marketing system); Leo Guthardt, then Vice Chairman of Pittway Corporation; Bruce Scott, founder of the “SCOTT FREE sales program”, that became a model for hundreds of sales
“This presentation is an exciting opportunity to share ideas with dealers who may not have been exposed to AUDIO INSIGHT in the past, as well as reacquaint those that were subscribers with some of the great thoughts that have transcended the history of the industry”. Availability
for Ron as a speaker/presenter at industry events is limited.

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