Ron Davis Announces Two New Programs for the Alarm Industry

Ron Davis, Managing Partner of Davis Marketing Group, Announces Two New Programs for the Alarm Industry

Arlington Heights, IL, March 20, 2002 – DAVIS MARKETING GROUP, INC., one of the largest consulting firms in the industry, today announces “it’s like going back to the future.” So says managing partner, Ron Davis, founder of Davis Marketing Group. DMG has been in existence
since 1973 focusing its’efforts in the areas of education, training and consulting with independent alarm dealers. In recent years, Davis has been the founder and former CEO of Security Associates International, Inc.
where he remains Chairman Emeritus and a member of the Board of Directors. He is joined by Dorsie Mosher, former G.M. of Radionics, as well as an industry pioneer.
DMG will focus in two areas of what Davis calls a “void in the marketplace”. In April, the “Graybeard Advisory Group” Program will commence operations providing Advisory Board Services to medium and large
operating alarm companies. Providing much of the support, focus and direction that large companies receive from Board interaction, this service will be geared exclusively to alarm dealers. Davis, commenting on this event, said: “the industry has long lacked a support group that can provide a structured and nurturing environment to help alarm dealers
achieve their business goals. This program does that, and brings the expertise of over a dozen experts in the alarm industry to the independent alarm dealer. Graybeard Advisors include Davis and Mosher along with such industry notables as Lessing Gold, Bill Polk, Michael Jones, Kevin
O’Malley, John Rose, Jim Brannen, Lou Fiore, Ron Spiller, Terri Bildt, Craig Leiser, Alan Kruglak, Doug Oberlander, Carl Tannenbaum.
Separately, a new strategic planning service will be offered to manufacturers, both domestic and offshore, who seek to develop strategic marketing plans for product entry into the alarm marketplace. There clearly has not been emphasis on strategic planning from people inside the industry. Having founded the industry’s largest dealer network, DMG
executives are uniquely positioned to help manufacturers.”

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