Ron Davis at the 2009 NBFAA Leadership Conference


Ron Davis at the 2009 NBFAA Leadership Conference

Long Grove, IL, March, 2009 — Ron Davis, Dorsie Mosher, Katie Bally and Steve Berniklau attended the NBFAA’s week-long Leadership Conference in Dallas TX, in January 2009.  During the meetings, Mr. Davis videotaped interviews with various leaders within the industry, some of which are available on this site.
Ron also was a keynote speaker and took a few pictures with NBFAA leaders.
Robbie and Merlin Guilbeau, Ron Davis Robbie and Merlin Guilbeau, Executive Director of the NBFAA, pose with Ron Davis.
Mike Miller and Rond Davis Mike Miller, President of NBFAA and Ron Davis.
Mike Miller, Ron Petrarca, Ron Davis Left to right: Mike Miller, Ron Petrarca and Ron Davis at 2009 NBFAA Leadership Conference..


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