Ron Davis keynotes Long Island Alarm Association


Ron Davis delivers keynote at Long Island Alarm Association:
“What are you doing the rest of your life?”

Long Grove, IL, March 18, 2009 — Ron Davis, managing partner of Davis Marketing Group (AKA Graybeards), recently gave the keynote presentation to the Long Island Alarm Association at its monthly meeting in Hauppage, NY.
Mr. Davis’ presentation, entitled “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?”, was a combination motivational and  inspirational talk, aimed at encouraging the attendees to plan their exit strategies from their, in many cases, life-long careers.
“Each of us has to recognize that we are not going to live forever, and that we must prepare our companies and families for the eventual day when we will no longer be there to run the business,” Mr. Davis emphasized.  (In fact, that day, prior to his presentation, Mr. Davis had learned that industry icon and pioneer Keith Ladd had died, and alluded to his unfortunate death during his talk.)
Mr. Davis encouraged the attendees to make a succession plan, involving other family members or by preparing the company in the most advantageous manner to achieve the highest value when sold to an outside party.
Rich Talbott, president of the LIAA, emphasized that “Ron Davis delivered!  We had a huge membership turnout, including many industry leaders.  Ron kept everyone glued to their seats.  Even after a series of photos were taken with many attendees, including Mike Miller, president of the NBFAA and Ron Petrarca, president of the NYBFAA, Ron hung around with many of our guests, even after a full hour of non stop informative dialogue.  Thank you Ron, for the perfect start of a new year for our association!”
Approximately 100 people, including both dealers and suppliers, attended the event which included a trade show with numerous exhibitors.   Katie Bally, senior partner of DMG, also was present at the meeting.
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