Ron Davis Brings Acquisition Expertise to PSA

Ron Davis Brings Acquisition Expertise to PSA

Long Grove, IL, May 13, 2006 — In an effort to provide highly specialized information on acquisitions and mergers into the newest offshoot of the security industry, Ron Davis, Managing Partner of Davis Marketing Group, aka The Graybeards, was a featured speaker at the annual PSA Conference.  PSA is the association whose membership consists primarily of security integrators.  While some of the integrators who are members of PSA may also install security systems and thus have recurring monthly revenue, many do not.  The association is over 30 years old, and many of its members are looking to develop exit strategies in their future planning.
Ron’s talk focused on the methods in which acquirers of integrator businesses would value such a business.  Ron’s ideas were warmly received and the participants in his session were appreciative of learning about how financial formulas can be applied to their businesses.  Some were even surprised that the valuations would be as high as they are, and as result of the session, many of the integrators are now developing their exit strategies in a way that makes financial sense for them
PSA President, Bill Bozeman, was also in attendance at the session and later complimented Ron on bringing the first real, quality advice to the group, in language that integrators could understand.

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