Security Dealer Magazine Recognizes Ron Davis as Industry Icon

Security Dealer Magazine Recognizes Ron Davis as Industry Icon

Long Grove, IL. February 4, 2003. In the January 2003 issue of SECURITY
DEALER, one of the industry’s leading magazines, Ron Davis has been recognized as an industry icon…a legend who has been acknowledged as having contributed to the industry’s growth. At the California Alarm Association’s annual meeting, Ron was recognized by SECURITY DEALER for his many contributions in the alarm industry. Although not able to attend the dinner honoring these legends, Davis was quoted in the magazine about some of his thoughts on milestones in the industry.
  • The single most defining moment in the industry was when the concept of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) was grasped by the majority of independent alarm dealers. This was important from several perspectives: first, it forced dealers to provide a much needed service to customers (monitoring); second, it placed a real financial value on alarm
    businesses, thus opening the door for major investment in the industry; and third, it provided for exit strategies for independent alarm dealers.
  • Almost all of the major industries have taken a run at being in the alarm industry, with limited success. The backbone of the industry has been, is now and will continue to be the independent entrepreneur, the majority of whom are family-operated businesses. These businesses rely, and function most effectively, on the local level, providing local service.
  • Independent alarm dealers…entrepreneurs are too busy learning and applying the things they need to know to be able to deal with issues involving public safety. Public awareness of security and security systems is properly placed in the domain of the trade associations.
Davis, long credited with developing the concept of “RMR” for independent alarm dealers said “I am honored to be among recognized leaders in the industry…but of greater importance, it is a recognition of how far the industry has come.”

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