Act Now Alarm Services Doubles Size Through Strategic Acquisition

Act Now Alarm Services Doubles Its Size Through Strategic Acquisition

Long Grove, IL. October 6, 2003. In a bold move for market dominance, the Belisle family and ACT NOW ALARM SERVICES have just concluded an acquisition that will more than double its size. Continental Protection, a long time, high quality residential and light commercial alarm company, recently sold its’ assets to ACT NOW ALARM SERVICES. The acquisition, with over 3,000 accounts, was one of the largest acquisitions completed in Michigan this year.
Act Now AlarmRepresenting the seller, Ron Davis of Davis Marketing Group, stated: “This was one of those rare opportunities where my client was able to put together a package that my good friends, the Belisles, were able to manage. Everybody won, and I was particularly proud of the way Dean Belisle, handling the negotiations for the family, concluded the
acquisition. It was very professional!”
In commenting on the growth of the company since its founding many years ago, Phil Belisle said “I’ve always been proud of the way my sons, Darren and Dean, have taken charge in the business. The assimilation of this large amount of business into our company was made so much easier by
the professional approach taken by both of them. I couldn’t be happier with the acquisition or prouder of my two boys!”

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